Beef at Gay Pride

8 Oct

Okay I thought I did publish my last another post, arggh! using a shitty computer sucks. Anyways this weekend was really amazing I went to Joburg’s gay pride, so good. afterwards we went to an afterparty at Babylon which kinda made me lose hope in the future of gay men in SA. Why do gay men have to be so shallow and stupid? Was it some joke God made on us, like “Ha ha, you are already hated by society so I will just take away your brains and make you a bunch of horny fucks, I’m so funny.” Thanks for all that God.

Okay I know I shouldn’t be speaking like that 60% of the world is gonna hate me, first I mock the gays then I mock God what type of person am I? Well for one I am seriously angry at everything the world throws my way. Most of the people I know have been calling pride: “the gay parade” like what the fuck really so all you think that pride is about is a bunch of crazy fags dancing around saying look how special we are, we know how to party. I was so pissed off at my mom after she said that. Pride is supoosed to be a time to celebrate humanity and the rights of people to self-expreesion and the experience of love, but unfortunately it’s become no more than a gay parade. I met someone on Saturday who told me how this year’s pride was som much better than last year because the previous year people thought it was a free for all and there were more straight people there. What a dick! Why do I always end up meeting folks like that, so closed-minded and empty. I really don’t know hey.

So after a weekend of what was supposed to be simply an amazing experience, I feel kinda empty. It’s not only straight people who need to change but the queers too, I am totally disapointed. But that’s how shit works I guess.

AnotherWannabe (left with plenty of beef.)


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