How Angry is too Angry?

9 Oct

How angry is too angry? I am just wondering because recently I decided that I would stop feeling depressed when the world gets me down, instead I would just get angry and take it back out on whatever made me feel upset anyway. I rarely get angry because I hate the feeling of it but I realised some level of anger is good, it promotes some forward momentum in life. So its not really wrong to be angry I guess, but there is a limit. I do not want to be one of those people who fume so much that they can’t stop to listen or that feel their oppinions are better and just shout down people’s necks until they are forced to aggree. But if I need anger what is stopping me from becoming like those people? I don’t know anymore.So to any future reader of this post, whose name has a 100% likelihood of being Cal, what do you think? Where and how do you draw the line how much is too much?

Anotherwannabe (asking too many questions)


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