25 Jun

I have been thinking a lot recently and I mean a lot. But every time I look at this blog I stop thinking. After about a second of complete blankness (also known as bliss), I realise how shitty this blog is. OMG I really want to delete this account and then I think again and I realise I can change everything and just rework on what seems to be a good start for someone who has never blogged before and who has never had work out in the public eye. I always realise how terrible my writing is and I realise I’m pathetic. But I realise* I’m pathetic and improving and everyday I can get better.

I am noticing how awful this sounds and looks but when you start writing things down the way you think them things are always messy, aren’t they?I really thought about deleting this account and Irealised this is my space for thought. this is where I am free to express myself even if it is shitty. I can be as terrible as I want, I can write as inarticulately as I do, I am free. This is my blog and I am always…



*Wow I’m using this word a lot. Also I’m really irritated by the spell checker- I fucking know how to spell realise you son of a bitch!


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