Those words you can’t stop using

1 Jul

Okay so this is another post where I just started typing blindly. This is a relief from the drudgery of just rewriting what I have already written. I realised how often I use the word anyway when I write and I just wanted to comment on it, and having a blog I have the perfect medium to make dumb commentary (isn’t that what they’re here for?). So anyway as I was saying there are things that I know I say a lot, but there are other things that you only realise you say a lot after reflection I always knew I said really often but then I only today noticed how many times I use the word anyway. Are there any words that you just can’t stop using? What are they and why are they so addictive? Also don’t you think some psychologist should have some study on people’s personalities based on their word usage. I always wonder what saying the words really or hey can tell me about my personality, I want to know why I’m so addicted to using them and I want to know why I can’t stop using them even when I try. I really want to know. No really. Psychologisty folks out there help me. By the way to the psychologist who does follow up on this you don’t need to tell anyone else that I came up with the idea, you can have the credit, especially if you tell me why I thought that writing Psychologisty would ever be appropriate

Anotherwannabe, Another rant about unimportant shit.


One Response to “Those words you can’t stop using”

  1. anotherwannabe July 1, 2013 at 7:04 pm #

    Also I realised the comment about having a blog isn’t fair to blogs. I should change the word blog to twitter but I actually hate twitter and deleted my account long ago.

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