1 Jul

there is actually nothing i hate more then typing, no really it’s devil spawn. but as a writer it’s one of those things I’m forced to do. I wish things could be simpler that I could just grab my pen and pad and voila published work, but unfortunately we live in a digital world where keyboards are far more treasured than pens and paper. I suppose there is a benefit to keypads and computer screens, we save so many more trees but how long until everyone forgets the thrill of feeling paper between there fingers? How long until we are totally free of the risk of getting paper cuts? Would the world be the same?

I know this post was probably the most boring, hopefully at least the second most boring thing you’ve read all day (fingers crossed), but after you’ve read through it you’d feel the way I feel after I finish typing up my next long piece. That would be totally underwhelmed and wanting something more. I sit here typing up this bullshit piece dreading going through my written notes dreading the lack of spontaneity and joy as I type out one boring word at a time hoping for better days. Arggh!!!

Back to work I guess.

AnotherWannabe, wishing life was different.


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