Sadly Happy Endings Ends

2 Jul

OMG!! I am in shock, yesterday I watched the first episode of the last season of probably the best modern sitcom ever. I can’t believe Happy Endings is over. Wow I really don’t understand how things work anymore: all the smart, relevant and enjoyable sitcoms just end while trashy shows starring Charlie sheen are popular. I can’t believe it, first Go On and now Happy Endings life is gonna be really sad soon. By the way Happy Endings kinda* really made me want to become a sitcom writer, the show made me see that you can be smart and work for television. This show made television writing seem like it isn’t selling out and just rehashing the same old crap over and over. GOD! I can’t believe it. Guess I have to find a new show. I hope Community hasn’t been cancelled (well knowing luck – I’m actually too scared to even check it out, I’m fighting the urge to google, I have a feeling it just might be cancelled). 

Wish I could end this on a happy note but I can’t – this is my apocalypse. And also my biggest overreaction.

*I say kinda because my biggest influence in Sitcom writing would be Miranda. I love the show!!! Miranda Hart really made me believe that it is okay to be silly, daily  life still works, it just works differently and in many ways better.


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