12 Jul

Today was the first time I told someone about my blog. Sure plenty of people know I blog but I never told them my address or what my blog is about. Today was the first time that someone who isn’t a stranger read what I had to say. After I told my friend about my account he immediately jumped at the opportunity to read my page. He says he liked it and all (you know the usual stuff), but that isn’t why I’m writing. I guess I’m writing this because I wanted to talk about secrets. Things that we keep hidden, things that other people don’t know or shouldn’t know about you.

The one thing I want people to feel when they read my blog is demystified. In real life I spend so much time hiding things about myself to the world. In the real world I spend so much time pretending that I am something else, that I am happy,strong, confident, well-put-together, the list goes on and on, when really on the inside I am scared, angry, confused, self-deprecating, this list goes on and on too. I’m glad to have my blog, I’m glad I have a space to discuss my insecurities. I am glad that there is one space in my life where I am free to display a secret me.

So when people read my blog, I want them to experience a secret. I want them to see a life that can’t be and isn’t displayed out there in the real world. I hope that through reading it people will realise that there is more to people then what they display on the outside. I want to demystify myself using this space. I guess there is a lot more I could say, but I’m just thinking back on a post I made yesterday. I suppose it is a good thing to write about yourself, at times, especially when our world is so full of secrets, writing about yourself opens doors and welcomes people into the last sacred space in the world (our minds). My blog is my space to show what my life is without all the smoke and mirrors, and I hope that that is what people get out of it.

(Okay I think I’m comfortable enough to show some of my work on here now)

So I guess now everyone knows why I’m so uncomfortable telling people I know about my blog right? Anyways my parents will only read this in 30 years or so (if ever).


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