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Slim Fit Blue Jeans

17 Jul

This is probably one of my favourite poems ever, it was one of those that haunted me until I found the time to pen it down and just let it be. It was also the first poem I performed publicly and it’s also probably my longest piece. Hope you enjoy:

The first time I saw your jeans
You were sitting at the bar
A tall drink in your hands, alone, but with a smile on your face
I couldn’t help but approach you:
Pay you a compliment.

“Hey, dude! I like your skinny jeans.”
You smiled, gave a thanks but corrected me,
“They’re actually slim fit blue jeans.”
We sat, we talked for a bit, I was taken in
but you left me, and went over to that girl over there
with her skin tight dress which covered
only a hand of her thigh.

It was okay that you left me but your jeans continued to haunt me
I saw your slim fit blue jeans in the bathroom.
They were all the way down on your ankles.
I saw you in the stall with someone
Your legs mixed with hers creating a four-legged beast,
A beast with slim fit blue jeans constricting
Its slow sensual back, forth, up and down motion

Then again, I saw your slim fit blue jeans,
at the bar, this time she was hanging on
your shoulder, she was all the way in your
skin, breathing down your muscled neck. Holding
tightly while the bartender brought you
Two glasses  full. I admit I was jealous,
She entered your heart – I couldn’t. So after
a few more hours with my friends I left.

I didn’t think I’d see you again, but there
were those pants. Those slim fit blue jeans
That caressed your body so tightly. I gave
a smile in your direction, you didn’t notice me,
You were with her again up against
the alley wall. Faces glued together by
sticky tongues and moist lips.

I ran straight to my friends house. Hoping
Never to see you again. All my attempts
To reach you would be futile. Any try to
strip you of those jeans just wouldn’t be so
I left. I left you and your jeans behind.

As I was going home, I was only a block
away and there you were. Slim fit blue
jeans neatly in place as you walked without
a care in the world. Stupidly I called you
over and walked in your company.

I don’t know what I did wrong. When I
told you: “I’ve seen tour jeans all over the
place tonight.” I don’t know what gave you
a bad impression when I said: “your slim fit
blue jeans are a sign of our shared destiny.”
I knew we would never be together as a couple
but when I’m with you I smile; When
you’re with me you smile

But the last time I saw your slim fit blue
jeans, they came hurtling towards me
as a flying kick. You knocked me onto the

Your jeans, mercilessly flailing, kick after
kick as I lay there screaming in pain
taking hit after hit as your fury exploded
“AHHH Stop!” I screamed: “stop!”
Your jeans rained blow after blow
Never letting up. Blood spattered decorating
Once perfect jeans. Staining you with the
hatred coursing through my veins at this
moment. You left me there alone. You
left me with your blood stained slim fit blue

That was the last time I saw your jeans.

You killed me, over fucking skinny jeans!